Our Team and Family

At KIPP SoCal, we believe in reflecting our communities, and are committed to diversity and investing in professional development. 80% of our family and 66% of our leadership team identify as people of color, 79% of our leadership identify as female, and 82% of our leaders are developed from within.

Meet our talented and passionate leaders below.

Senior Leadership

Marcia Aaron

Founder & CEO

Manny Aceves

Chief External Impact Officer

César Bocanegra

Chief Operating Officer

Angella Martinez

Chief Academic Officer

Kyle Salyer

Chief Financial Officer

Belen Sanchez

Managing Director of KIPP Through College

Leadership Team

Mara Bond

Director of Schools

Lynnzi Brianza

Director of Public Programs and Authorizer Relations

Dennis Chao

Director of Finance

Kim Dammann

Managing Director of Special Education

Bernice Erazo

Director of Special Education

Dan Greenberg

Director of Strategy

Dylan Gruver

Director of Talent Acquisition

Carlos Lanuza

Director of Schools

Brett Leghorn

Associate Director of Operations

Shannon Leonard

Director of Teaching and Learning

Amber Young Medina

Managing Director of Schools

Jenn Miranda

Director of Technology

Cherisse Ratan

Senior Controller

Courtney Jofuku Shararian

Director of Development

Megan Szabo

Director of Talent Development

Jasmine Tarver

Director of Mental Health & Support Services

Christy Walker

Director of Data & Analytics

Cesely Westmoreland, Esq

Registered In-House Counsel

Chelsea Zegarski

Director of Schools

School Leadership

Aisha Bonner

School Leader, KIPP Vida Preparatory Academy

Phyllis Carrillo

School Leader, KIPP Philosophers Academy

Yesenia Castro

School Leader, KIPP Raíces Academy

John Coleman

School Leader, KIPP Academy of Opportunity

Mario Echeverria

Co-School Leader, KIPP Corazón Academy

Mairin Finn

School Leader, KIPP Sol Academy

Melissa Helguera

Co-School Leader, KIPP Comienza Community Prep

Tania Hernandez

School Leader, KIPP Iluminar Academy

Hadley Huberman

Co-School Leader, KIPP Comienza Community Prep

Colleen Kennedy

Co-School Leader, KIPP Corazón Academy

Melissa Ulloa

School Leader, KIPP Academy of Innovation

Monica Madrigal

School Leader, KIPP LA Prep

LeAnna Majors

School Leader, KIPP Compton Community School

Rachelle Minix

School Leader, KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy

Tessa Mizokami

School Leader, KIPP Pueblo Unido

Tiffany Moore

School Leader, KIPP Scholar Academy

Natasha Ortega

School Leader, KIPP Ignite Academy.

Adriana Rodriguez

School Leader, KIPP Promesa Prep

Chinedu Udeh

School Leader, KIPP Empower Academy