KIPP SoCal Teacher Residency at Alder GSE

Let our team and family be the first step in your pathway to becoming the teacher you are meant to be. Earn your California teaching credential through a powerful apprenticeship program focused on teacher and leadership development within a highly effective, hands-on, mentored and formal learning environment.

High Level Mentors

Exceptional Mentors.

Our goal is to provide our KIPPsters with highly skilled teachers and learning communities through the education and development of a diverse group of passionate leaders. Our residency pairs you with a master teacher with a proven track record of helping students make great academic gains. Co-teaching alongside an effective teacher, you'll learn valuable mindsets and skills to prepare you for a lifetime love of learning.

Graduate Theory and Hands-On Practice.

The KIPP SoCal Teacher Residency program provides a balance of graduate level theory and hands-on practice. Your learning curve will escalate through 4 days in-classroom with a seasoned KIPP lead teacher and one-day in a cohort seminar. And as you would imagine, apprenticeship through our program allows you to clear the pathway for early hiring and lead teaching roles within the award-winning KIPP SoCal charter public school network.

Credential and Master's in One Year.

Through in-person and online learning sessions, the KIPP SoCal Teacher Residency program will enable you to earn your teaching credential and Master's degree in only one year. The program provides you with the resources and guidance you need to pursue a career pathway within an award-winning organization that strives toward educational equity and excellence for all students.

An Investment in Your Future.

We recognize how difficult it may be to make the investment on your own. And so, we provide a $20,000 stipend, additional financial support for testing and study materials and ample resources and guidance to help you begin your journey with us.

Meet Our Graduate Partner.

The Teacher Residency focuses on immersive theory and graduate coursework that can be applied towards a master's degree through our partnership with the Alder Graduate School of Education. Learn more about our partnership with this renowned program here.

Partner With Alder Graduate School of Education

The KIPP SoCal Teacher Residency at Alder GSE program partners with Alder's immersive theory + practice residency program through graduate coursework that can be applied towards a master's degree. The program is based on a residency model that combines immersive hands-on practice in the classroom with educational theory and research in both seminars and online. In this residency year you will:

  • Earn your Master's Degree and Teaching credential in one year.
  • Apprentice four days a week with an expert teacher at KIPP SoCal.
  • Learn with a cohort of peers that will fast become lifelong friends and colleagues.
  • Build relationships with expert instructional leaders who will advise and support you.
  • Engage in critical conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion with mentors, instructors and peers.
  • Receive priority consideration for a full-time position upon completion of the program.
  • All within an affordable program that provides financial support.
application deadlines & timelines        
Round 1 11.11.19 11.12.19 - 12.5.19 12.12.19 12.20.19
Round 2 2.17.20 2.18.20 - 3.4.20 3.11.20 & 3.12.20 3.20.20
Round 3 4.6.20 4.7.20 - 4.16.20 4.23.20 5.8.20





Graduate level coursework via 3 weeks of in-person course intensives. Regional/school-based professional development.



Co-teach. Weekly seminars with regional cohort. Continue graduate coursework in-person and online.


Co-teaching ramps up. Continue weekly seminars. Continue graduate coursework in-person and online.


Complete coursework. Earn credential & Master's degree.