Teacher Residency Program

We seek to provide each KIPPster with skilled teachers and equitable learning communities through the recruitment, education and development of diverse and committed teachers. Our residents work directly with KIPP SoCal sta and students in an immersive and highly supportive environment.

Partner With Adler Graduate School of Education

KIPP SoCal's Teacher Residency program partners with Adler's immersive theory + practice residency program through graduate coursework that can be applied towards a master's degree.

A Year In a Life of a Resident

Our program utilizes an intentional, gradual-release apprenticeship model to prepare excellent teachers.

Summer: Residents participate in graduate-level coursework. They join KIPP SoCal Strong Start and school-based professional development.

Fall: Residents co-teach with mentor teachers. They participate in weekly seminar with their regional cohort to connect graduate coursework with hands-on classroom practice. Residents complete fall coursework in-person and online.

Winter: Residents take on more responsibility in the classroom as co-teaching ramps up. They continue weekly seminar and complete winter coursework in-person and online.

Spring: Residents complete coursework and earn credentials and Masters degrees. They complete CA teaching exams such as RICA and ed TPA in a highly supported environment. Residents have priority access to the KIPP SoCal hiring process for lead teaching positions open the following fall.

Earn Your Masters & Credential

Residents earn a Master of Arts with a concentration in Teaching and a preliminary California Teaching Credential in one year.

Applications open on September 1. For your convenience sign up here to recieve an email notification when the application opens.

Compensation & Benefits

KIPP SoCal Teacher Residents are awarded a $20,000 living stipend and receive additional financial support and study materials to complete teaching entrance exams. Residents apprentice with KIPP SoCal’s highest performing teachers, learning valuable mindsets and skills that will serve them throughout their teaching careers.