Mara Bond

Director of Schools

Mara Bond is presently a Director of Schools. She has been working as an educator for thirteen years and ten of those years have been with KIPP. She spent five years as an elementary principal founding KIPP Iluminar Academy in East Los Angeles. Prior to founding a school as a principal, she was part of the founding team at KIPP Raíces Academy, which opened in 2008. In her time at KIPP Raíces Academy she taught kindergarten and second grade. As a founding second grade teacher in 2010, she helped KIPP Raíces Academy achieve an API of 963. In 2011 she became Dean and received the Fisher Fellowship, which is what allowed her to found this school. Prior to working at KIPP Raíces, Mara worked at Wilshire Private School and was named teacher of the year in 2008. Mara received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Bard College in 2005 and her teaching credential from the University of Saint Thomas as a Teach For America Corps member in 2005.