Danielle Johnson

School Leader, KIPP Ignite Academy

Danielle Johnson, a Los Angeles native, is the Interim School Leader at KIPP Ignite Academy. In 2013, Danielle joined Teach for America in Detroit, Michigan and served as a third grade teacher and kindergarten teacher for three years. She received her dual bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Africana Studies from Pitzer College and received her Master’s of Arts Degree from University of Michigan in Education and Urban pedagogy. Danielle returned home to Los Angeles to ensure that all African American and Latinx students had access to high quality teaching and learning. Danielle taught two years as a kindergarten teacher and one year as Dean at KIPP Ignite before she transitioned to Assistant School Leader, and is now Interim School Leader. As Interim School Leader, Danielle will support teachers, students and families in an equitable, fun, and rigorous learning environment.