Christopher Rozario

School Leader, KIPP Academy of Innovation

Christopher Rozario was named the school leader of KIPP Academy of Innovation in December 2022! He moved to Los Angeles in June of 2022, by way of Dallas, Texas, which is where he spent the last three years. He was born and raised in what is known as The City too Busy to Hate: Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education (K-5) and his Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership, both of which from Kennesaw State University (about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta).  He taught elementary school for seven years and served as an assistant principal for three years, all of which was in the DeKalb County School District (Metro Atlanta). 

In the summer of 2019, he accepted a job with KIPP: Texas as a district testing coordinator, then moving on to serve KIPP: Truth Elementary (Dallas, TX) as interim school leader/principal-in-residence. Christopher has great expectations for KAI and also plans to pursue a doctoral degree very soon.