Mental Health Department

The Mental Health Department offers a range of tiered mental health, counseling, referral, and social and emotional services and supports to help children, youth, and families become better equipped to thrive.

Services and supports are free of charge and are provided to students based on need and availability regardless of insurance or immigration status. School Counseling services are reserved for students whose social and emotional needs are impairing their academic abilities. School counselors at KIPP SoCal also support students and families by providing linkage to community resources needed to bridge barriers to social-emotional and academic success.


The Mental Health Team champions Trauma-Informed practices. At KIPP SoCal Public Schools we take the HEART approach. HEART stands for Healing Environments and Responses to Trauma.  HEART teaches educators to understand the impact that stress and trauma can have on a child’s ability to regulate their emotions, behavior, and ultimately learn. The goal of HEART is to implement trauma-sensitive, research-based practices that are resilience-focused and culturally sensitive in order to prevent the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma.

Wellness Wednesday

Our Wellness Wednesday information sessions are a part of our commitment to community mental health. Explore the latest sessions below.