KIPP Poder Public School (Enrolling Grades TK-3) 

We provide a tuition-free, high quality, public school education, currently serving elementary school grades TK-2* in the Montebello area. KIPP Poder fosters a transformative educational environment where our students engage in rigorous academic instruction, collaborative character development and cultural-based learning experiences.

At KIPP Poder, we believe in the power, el poder, we all carry within ourselves – as defined by our identity, culture, heritage and roots. At our school, we foster an environment of inclusivity and acceptance by actively celebrating the rich diversity of our families, honoring and embracing different cultures and ensuring that all members of our school community feel valued and respected.

*A grade level will be added each year until we are fully grown with TK-8th grade.


KIPP Poder Public School Vision

School Core Values

  • Love
  • Pride
  • Wisdom
  • Community

School Leader

Daisy Salazar-Garza

Founding School Leader

“Our school puts our students’ identities and community at the forefront of our instruction. We care for and support each of our students in everything that we do."

Grades TK-1

School Address

501 School Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90022
co-located with Eastmont Intermediate School at 400 Bradshawe Ave.

Main Office

T. 323.388.4407

Grades 2-3

School Address

630 Leonard Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90022

Main Office

T. 323.388.4407