KIPP Compton Community School (Enrolling Grades TK-6) provides a tuition-free, high quality public school education, currently serving grades elementary and middle school grades TK-5* in the Compton community. The school’s core values of a love for people and love for learning are deeply rooted in its mission to create an environment where students feel a strong sense of belonging, building their self-esteem and helping them understand their unique identities as they navigate their educational journey.

At KIPP Compton, we prioritize the affirmation of our students’ identities and foster civic empowerment through collaborative efforts. Our curriculum centers around important pillars such as social justice, college and career readiness, and civic engagement. By integrating these principles into our teaching approach, we equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become active, informed and engaged citizens.

*a grade level will be added each year until we reach TK-8 

School Core Values

  • Love of People
  • Love of Learning
  • Optimism
  • Courage
  • Integrity

School Leader

Christine Crawley & Courtney Tyler

Co-Founding School Leaders

"Our students deserve to have educational experiences where they are seen, heard, and loved.” 

KIPP Compton Community Lower School Virtual Tour

KIPP Compton Community Upper School Virtual Tour

Lower School Address

1650 W. 134th St.
Compton, CA 90222

Main Office

T. 323.607.8811
F. 323.607.8812

Upper School Address

12501 Wilmington Avenue
Compton, CA 90222

Main Office

T. 323.240.6312
F. 323.607.8812

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