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  • Ban chokeholds and strangleholds
  • Require de-escalation (officers have to communicate with subjects, maintain distance, and defuse tense situations whenever possible)
  • Require warning before shooting
  • Exhaust all other means before shootings
  • Duty to intervene (officers must stop other officers from using excessive force, and report incidents)
  • Ban shooting at moving vehicles
  • Require a use-of-force continuum (this limits the weapons or force that can be used depending on the situation)
  • Require comprehensive reporting (every time officers use force or threaten force against someone, they have to report that)

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One of the most important ways to ensure our community's voice is heard is through the power of voting. The first step in that process is to register to vote. If it’s your first time registering, or you’re making sure your current info is up-to-date, it takes less than two minutes to complete your registration.

Learn more about who and what is on the ballot and the potential impact of propositions in our communities, by visiting this nonpartisan site.

Learn about Voter Suppression and how you can stay informed and take action against in via the ACLU.