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We are committed to dismantling white supremacy and practicing a pedagogy of justice to build a more just world.

Amanda Lanfré

Health and Safety Matters: Directing Regional School Opertaions

Guided by love and equity, "I'm proud of our school nutrition program — we offer free, healthy breakfast and lunch meals to all students every school day... and our COVID-19 health & safety protocols that have kept COVID-19 transmission at our school campuses extremely low," said Amanda Lanfré, Director of Regional Operations at KIPP SoCal. Check out Mrs. Lanfré’s “Day in the Life” representing women on our regional leadership team and ensuring that our charter public schools are operationally successful for our students.


Jeannette Yarahuan

Supporting Student Resilience through Expanded Learning

“I was brought here as a child and was undocumented the first 24 years of my life, but I continued to be resilient and persist in graduating college amidst adversity,” said Jeannette Yarahuan, Associate Director of Expanded Learning at KIPP SoCal. “I feel I bring a unique understanding of many of our families,” she added as she reflects on continuing to grow our Expanded Learning Program for our school communities. Check out Mrs. Yarahuan’s “Day in the Life” making a difference day-by-day


Dr. King's Beloved Community Inspires KIPPsters

“As I continue to grow, I will continue to be a strong advocate for my community, families, and children to have a better tomorrow ... to help realize the Beloved Community,” said 5th grader Eliana B. from KIPP Scholar Academy. She stresses the importance of equal rights and along with students from across the country recite an excerpt from one of MLK’s most iconic speeches — “How Long? Not Long.”

Keeping Our Communities Healthy with Vaccine Clinics

“Born and raised in the community where our schools are located, it has been important for me to bring vaccine clinics to our schools,” said Jessica Maldonado, Family & Community Engagement Manager at KIPP SoCal. “Specifically, having medical professionals who understand the communities we serve continues to be essential,” explained Bera Portugal, Advocacy & Community Engagement Associate. For our next school-site COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic, go to

Teaching Math & Nurturing The Confidence and Character

“I provide opportunities to uplift our students' voices, ensure access to critically conscious materials, and create safe spaces for students to have open and honest conversations,” said Katelyn Johnson, math teacher at KIPP Pueblo Unido Upper School. Learn about Ms. Johnson’s “day in the life” teaching 7th grade math, which has led to a 20% increase in her students' math scores this year.

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying: Keeping Kids Safe in a Virtual World

“There isn't one cause of cyberbullying but, in general, children that bully have either been the victim of bullying themselves or witness bullying behavior in their own home,” said Jasmine Lamitte, Director of Mental Health & Support Services at KIPP SoCal Public Schools. KIPP SoCal is standing up against cyberbullying and educating on prevention. For more information and tips, check out our “Internet Safety & Cyberbullying” community information session.

Juneteenth Family Roots

“My ancestors didn't have any evidence that a better future was possible, and yet, they persisted, because they could imagine it,” said our very own Chief Talent and Equity Officer, Michelle Rojas-Soto, who recently discovered that her ties to Juneteenth were just four generations away. Check out her moving story to discover how she has harnessed the strength of history to step into her power.

AAPI Heritage Month

At KIPP SoCal, we reject the erasure of AAPI experiences from the larger narrative of American life and believe that as the stories of the AAPI community are understood and highlighted, we all rise and move toward realizing our purpose — education is for liberation. Check out how our team members' heritage shaped who they are today and learn about the traditions that are especially meaningful to them. 

Learning & Growing in the Garden

“We’re keeping students and families connected to nature,” shared Melody Moore, KIPP Empower Academy’s After-School Program Site Coordinator. Through a virtual garden education with community partner GrowingGreat, KIPPsters are "learning how to plant and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs in their home environment.” Read more about Mrs. Moore’s partnership with GrowingGreat and their impact.

Student Authors: Un-Mutable

 “I used this [writing] experience to explore my own identity [through my character] and to give her the voice and power that I feel and want to represent as I fight for my community,” shared 8th grade KIPPster, Vanessa B. Check out our three KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy students, Vanessa B., Yailin D., and Breanna M., who have co-authored and published their own book on being heard — Un-Mutable.

Supporting and Empowering Youth

“If our kids don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. If they don’t see people that look like them invest in them, it doesn’t exist for them,” states Maurice Buntin, Business Operations Manager at KIPP Vida Preparatory Academy. Mr. Buntin is a community builder; check out how our team member puts the values of his upbringing into action, and continues to invest in the children at his school and in his broader community

Your Power Within

"We believe in the power, the poder, we all carry within ourselves. This strength is defined by your identity, culture, heritage, and roots," says Daisy Salazar-Garza, Founding School Leader of KIPP Poder Public School in Montebello. "Our school puts our students’ identities and community at the forefront of our instruction." Read more about our School Leader and her dedication to public education.

Beatriz Cervantes, Business Operations Manager

Meal Distribution: A Day in the Life

“Children in our school communities may not always have access to healthy food. Our goal has always been to provide as many meals as possible to children, whether they are physically in school or distance learning,” shares KIPP SoCal’s Associate Director of Regional Operations. Get a behind-the-scenes look at one of our community meal distribution days, shared by Beatriz Cervantes, KIPP Business Operations Manager.

Illustration of Teachers and School Leaders


Having celebrated #LatinxHeritageMonth was “a vital opportunity to dispel ignorance, prejudice and fear through history, multidisciplinary lessons, and celebrations,” shares Paola Kvammen, Teacher at KIPP Raíces Academy. “There is so much strength and beauty in the Latinx community,” adds School Leader, Yesenia Castro. Check out how the KIPP Raíces community honored the diversity of our Latinx communities.

Justice for Breonna Taylor

“The outrageous and deeply unfortunate ruling concerning the murder of Breonna Taylor shook me deeply," expresses Tiffany Moore, Founding School Leader at KIPP Scholar Academy. “Black women have provided, nurtured, uplifted, created, inspired, broken-through, educated, and so much more for this nation." Read more from Moore on how the fight for justice for all marginalized people must continue. 

Start Strong

“Our students need to ‘freedom dream,’” states Mario Echeveria, Co-School Leader at KIPP Corazón Academy. “We need to cultivate a place and space where they get to envision what a just world is and feels like.” In this moment we are engaging in thoughtful and intentional conversation on how we can create liberatory spaces for our students to thrive within. Read some of our leaders’ powerful reflections

Leading Towards Liberation

“We never make assumptions about what representation looks like for our students and instead [we ask] our students and families what is most important to them. And creating an individualized learning program for every child,” says Tessa Mizokami, School Leader at KIPP Pueblo Unido. We're learning, growing, and developing culturally responsive public schools — hear from our team how they see, develop, and inspire.

KIPP On Learning

“Humanity first. Humanity always! ... There's just a very deep love and commitment to our staff, our scholars, and our community, and that's what keeps me going. … Every leader is aware that we must meet this moment in order to truly serve our communities." Hear the KIPP On Learning podcast featuring Chinedu Udeh, School Leader at KIPP Empower Academy sharing insights, inspiration and challenges during this pandemic.

Summer Night Reads

KIPP SoCal is celebrating powerful stories of inclusion, diversity and hope. Children's stories, for all ages, written and illustrated to share the Black experience, read-aloud by our own KIPP SoCal leaders. We premiere a new children's read-aloud each week on Facebook Live, but all Summer Night Reads can be enjoyed anytime.

Anti-Racist Practice

“An anti-racist person is one who opposes and fights against racism in all its forms and promotes racial tolerance.” Learn more about the several forms of racism that exist and work in tandem to reinforce racist ideas, policy and behavior, shared by Dr. LeAnna Majors, Founding School Leader at KIPP Compton Community School.

Fuel for the Fight 

“...choosing to work in our public schools to realize our goals is in many ways one long demonstration and protest against those that would have us believe that our students and communities have no value.” Read the inspirational reflection by KIPP Scholar Academy Dean, Tommy M.