KIPP Voices

We are committed to dismantling white supremacy and practicing a pedagogy of justice to build a more just world.

Summer Night Reads

KIPP SoCal is celebrating powerful stories of inclusion, diversity and hope. Children's stories, for all ages, written and illustrated to share the Black experience, read-aloud by our own KIPP SoCal leaders. We premiere a new children's read-aloud each week on Facebook Live, but all Summer Night Reads can be enjoyed anytime here.

Anti-Racist Practice

“An anti-racist person is one who opposes and fights against racism in all its forms and promotes racial tolerance.” Learn more about the several forms of racism that exist and work in tandem to reinforce racist ideas, policy and behavior, shared by Dr. LeAnna Majors, Founding School Leader at KIPP Compton Community School.

Fuel for the Fight 

“...choosing to work in our public schools to realize our goals is in many ways one long demonstration and protest against those that would have us believe that our students and communities have no value.” Read the inspirational reflection by KIPP Scholar Academy Dean, Tommy M.