KIPP Sol Mariachi Band Showcases Their Musical Talents on Four News Networks

Mariachi band program news article

KIPP Sol Mariachi Band with Telemundo Reporter Sandra Bonilla

Did you know KIPP Sol Academy in East Los Angeles has a mariachi band program with over 150 kids on the waiting list? What started with just a few students in 2016 has become "familia de mariachis" on campus.  

Our inspiring mariachi students and Mariachi Director, Ms. Arlette Morales, were recently featured on ABC (channel 7), KTLA (channel 5), Telemundo (channel 52), and NBC (channel 4) to showcase their passion and deep appreciation for one another. 

"It was so difficult to be so disconnected from everyone [during the pandemic]. Mariachi and music was a way to feel a sense of community and family and reconnect with everybody," said mariachi scholar Ashley during the KTLA segment. 

Watch them show off their incredible musical talents in their ABC and KTLA segments below!

Published by ABC on June 6, 2023

Published by KTLA on June 10, 2023