KIPP's Virtual Garden Club

KIPP's Virtual Garden Club

KIPP Empower Academy student

By: GrowingGreat

This Spring, STEM Program Manager Meghan Nealon continued her work at KIPP Empower Academy (KEA) in South Los Angeles. Each week she hosted a Virtual Garden Club where students participated in GrowingGreat STEM activities, observed the garden's progress, chose new seeds to plant, and assisted in identifying what was ready for harvest. 

KEA Kindergarteners explored what a plant needs to stay alive and the different parts of plants we eat, and helped plant squash and beans. Then they visited the garden in-person to observe their fruits and vegetables up close and take home materials for GrowingGreat's "Beans in a Bag" activity

[You can read more about our partnership on KIPP SoCal's blog post — "Learning & Growing in the Garden: KIPP SoCal Partners with GrowingGreat".]

This feature was originally published on GrowingGreat's Summer Newsletter 2021

About the Author: GrowingGreat’s mission is to empower children to make healthy food choices through hands-on science and garden education. They serve systemically under-resourced, inner-city Los Angeles neighborhoods, with partners across the US helping impact over 20,000 young people each year.