KIPP SoCal Welcomes Endeavor College Prep Into Our Family

KIPP SoCal Welcomes Endeavor College Prep Into Our Family


Los Angeles, CA — July 1, 2021 — KIPP SoCal Public Schools is excited to welcome Endeavor College Preparatory Charter School, K-8 charter public school, into the KIPP SoCal family to continue supporting the students and families of the Boyle Heights community — now officially known as KIPP Endeavor College Preparatory Charter School.

“KIPP SoCal and KIPP Endeavor College Prep have been a part of the Boyle Heights and surrounding communities for over a decade with aligned values, school culture, and the collective mission that every child deserves an excellent education that meets their unique needs,” said Ted Morris, former KIPP LA Prep teacher and co-founder of KIPP Endeavor College Prep. 

With combined efforts and resources, there will be a stronger foundation for educational programs to meet the needs of all learners.

KIPP SoCal’s California Distinguished and National Blue Ribbon award-winning schools are 100% public. 100% open to all. 100% tuition free. and dedicated to a whole-child approach to learning that not only focuses on rigorous academics, but also, enrichment, social-emotional learning, mental health, and the nurturing of one's purpose. 

“We believe that we have a real opportunity to improve student outcomes at Endeavor based on our systems of support for schools and our existing results in Boyle Heights, and also draw upon the strength in the collective commitment to amplifying the voices and needs of the community,” said Angella Martinez, CEO at KIPP SoCal Public Schools. “As a former School Leader in Boyle Heights, I am excited about the continued positive impact our partnership will have for the community.”

“Over the last year, KIPP SoCal has equipped me with ample resources to realize a future for KIPP Endeavor College Prep, where all students and team members thrive together,” shared Ruben Alonzo, KIPP Endeavor College Prep School Leader. “I plan to maximize student learning and performance, while providing students with the tools they need to succeed in high school, college, career and in life.”

KIPP SoCal strives to unite a shared community in the best interest of all children for a great public education.

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