KIPPster Featured in NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition

KIPPster Featured in NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition

By: NBC Nightly News

We introduce you to young entrepreneurs who didn’t let the pandemic stop them from pursuing their dreams.

"Some kids turned their dreams into a reality during this time and it has paid off," said news anchor Lester Holt. 

[Featuring KIPPster from KIPP Scholar Academy, Khiley B., owner of Sissy B. Nails, a kid-friendly nail polish company in Long Beach.]

"The pandemic didn't stop 10-year-old Khiley Braxton from pursuing her dreams," shared journalist Natalie Morales. "After her birthday trip to a [Nickelodean] resort was cancelled last Spring, with the help of her parents, Khiley invested the money into a startup business."

"I want to support my Black community," stated Khiley after sharing that her favorite nail polish is named 'Brown Skin Girl.'

Morales continued, "Khiley trademarked the name of her business — Sissy B. Nails — created a logo, and the business took off! Her 18-colored nail polish line is scent-free, toxin-free, and water-based."

"I'm strong. I'm confident. And, I believe in the people around me," said Khiley on what it means to be a CEO.

Khiley and her mom, Krystal Braxton, say that there is always a silverlining. "Even though we are in this pandemic, we can still do something positive," stated Mrs. Braxton. 

And, successful entrepreneur, Khiley wants to remind all to, "Believe in yourself!"

The story was originally published on NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition

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