In Loving Memory of KIPP SoCal Community Champion José Salas

In Loving Memory of KIPP SoCal Community Champion José Salas

KIPP SoCal expresses its deepest condolences to the Salas family and the entire South Los Angeles community on the recent loss of José Armando Salas. 

As the beloved owner and operator of the Salas & Son’s Food Pantry, José constantly showed his unwavering commitment to his community by providing free food to community members in South LA and surrounding areas since 2010. 

José actively sought partnerships and opportunities to provide critical support to families in need, and it is estimated that the food bank’s impact touches over 10,000 community members a month. He was regularly seen at the food distribution sites, showing grace and dignity to anyone who walked through the doors. Over the years, his generosity and selflessness made him a staple in the community.

In December 2022, José formed a strategic partnership with KIPP Philosophers Academy to provide families and community members with free food over the holiday season. Through this partnership, the food bank distributed over 140 nutritious grocery boxes filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen chicken, and almond milk. 

"Don José was the first community partner I connected with when I joined the KIPP SoCal Advocacy and Community Engagement (ACE) team, and not only did he welcome me into the community with open arms, but he was always so ready and willing to support in any way he could,” said ACE Manager Cathie Pacheco. “I admired his commitment to our communities who needed it the most, both in South LA and Mexico, and will always be inspired by his generous spirit."

Luis Salas, the son of José, has taken over his father’s operations and pledges to continue his father’s mission of serving his communities. KIPP SoCal also commits to serving its school communities with the same heart and soul José poured into our communities for so many years. 

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