KCCP Folklórico Team Honors Late Mariachi Legend Vicente Fernández

KCCP Folklórico Team Honors Late Mariachi Legend Vicente Fernández

The KCCP Folklórico Team at Plaza La Alameda in Walnut Park

From enthusiastically participating in holiday parades to cheerfully greeting each other with a special dance during drop-offs, our KIPP Comienza Community Prep (KCCP) school community is always willing to show off their impressive dance moves. 

Most recently, the KCCP Folklórico Team had the opportunity to showcase their talents at a mariachi festival at Plaza La Alameda in Walnut Park and on a special Telemundo segment honoring the late mariachi legend Vicente Fernández.

The KCCP Folklórico Team performing on a live Telemundo segment at La Plaza Alameda

KCCP is widely known for its robust performing arts program, which requires every student to take a dance course for at least two quarters or one semester with Performing Arts Teacher and Department Lead Christopher Sandoval. Sandoval, who has been at KIPP SoCal for four years and was last year’s KIPP SoCal Teacher of the Year, has shown an unwavering commitment to our students through his culturally responsive teaching approaches. 

“Dancing is a beautiful, complex thing that needs to be understood as so,” he said. “You can find your space and your belonging in different ways.” 

When students enter Sandoval’s dance room, they can expect to embrace their cultural heritage, gain historical knowledge, and grow their disciplinary skills through storytelling, music, and dance. In addition, Sandoval always seeks enriching opportunities to affirm their identities, boost their confidence, and expand their horizons. 

Christopher Sandoval (middle) with the KCCP Folklórico Team at La Plaza Alameda

Before the school year ends, he plans on taking his third-grade students to the Music Center, one of the largest performing arts centers in the nation, so that they can fully immerse themselves in the musical and cultural diversity of Los Angeles. 

His fourth-grade students will also be participating in the Music Center’s Blue Ribbon Children’s Festival at the end of March. Despite the festival being intended for fifth graders, Sandoval got the green light for his KCCP fourth graders to attend because of their exceptional experience and professionalism. 

Want to learn more about the KCCP Folklórico Team or dance program? Feel free to email Christopher Sandoval at csandoval@kippsocal.org. 

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