Mindfulness Expert Helps Our KIPP Ignite & KIPP Scholar Communities Tap Into the Power of Breathing

Mindfulness Expert Helps Our KIPP Ignite & KIPP Scholar Communities Tap Into the Power of Breathing

On February 8, Kurtis Lee Thomas, an esteemed corporate mindfulness trainer and renowned founder of the Just Breathe Foundation and Breathwork Detox, paid a special visit to two of our South Los Angeles schools, KIPP Ignite Academy and KIPP Scholar Academy. During his visits, he captivated and inspired our KIPPsters by reading aloud his forthcoming children's book, “The Secret of Life.”

The book is an intergenerational story that powerfully illustrates the life of a young girl, Spirit, and her grandmother, who both struggle with stress and anxiety. With the help of her grandmother and favorite teacher, Spirit discovers the secret to life and receives the wisdom of using a power we all possess — the power of breathing.

KIPP Ignite Academy students read powerful affirmations from Kurtis Lee Thomas' book, "The Secret of Life."

Following the captivating read-aloud sessions, our KIPPsters enthusiastically practiced stress-reducing breathing techniques, fearlessly recited empowering affirmations, and bravely shared their unique experiences regarding stress and anxiety. 

“We learned how to stay calm and to breathe in and breath out when you’re having a hard time,” said a KIPP Scholar Academy fifth-grader following the breathing sessions. “You never know what people are going through at home or if they have personal problems, and sometimes they may take it out on other people that they don’t mean to take it out on.”

KIPP Scholar Academy students participated in stress-reducing breathing techniques.

Thomas has led powerful breathing sessions in over 27 countries, including events and sessions with some of the world's most influential celebrities, athletes, and top Fortune 500 companies, such as Nike and NASA.

At KIPP SoCal, we are immensely thankful for passionate community partners like Thomas, who share our unwavering commitment to enhancing the holistic well-being of our KIPPsters.

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