Robotics After-School Club: Inspiring Students Through Hands-on STEM Learning

Robotics After-School Club: Inspiring Students Through Hands-on STEM Learning

STEM: Science, technology, engineering, and math! Those are vast areas of study in one acronym. Though at KIPP Academy of Innovation (KAI), KIPPsters learn robotics which has made STEM simple and fun to learn.

“My son has really learned a lot of math at KIPP Academy Innovation's Robotics After-School Club. He absolutely loves coding,” shared KIPP Parent, Mrs. Suarez. 

There are many educational possibilities with robotics and taking education to a great level is CS and Robotics teacher, Mr Donnell. “I have taught students in LEGO robotics, app development, and web development,” he said. “Each subject uses a different coding language and my students quickly pick it up and are able to create projects above and beyond the expectation. Their work is exemplary.”

Not only has KAI’s Robotics After-School Club brought much teamwork, creativity and new student friendships, but KIPPsters are also building real-world and career-based skills as they learn the ins and outs of robotics. And Mrs. Suarez added, “it also helps keep my kid off the playstation.”

But there’s more! “During our after-school club, we also work with FIRST® LEGO® League to prepare to compete in robotic tournaments against other schools in the L.A. area each year,” said Mr. Donnell. Teams of students are tasked with designing and programming their robot to complete a set of missions and work to create innovative ideas based on the challenge. 

Mrs. Suarez recalls her KIPPster going back home after his competition raving about what they accomplished and how he made sure to showcase his robot (but very carefully) to his younger sisters. “I know that he can’t wait to teach his sisters all about robotics when they get older,” she smiled.

“Our students can take what they learn in robotics — such as the way they approach a problem, how they break it down, find a solution — and apply this in other school subjects and in real life situations.” Mr. Donnell concludes, “KAI’s Robotics After-School Club is a great opportunity for our students to further their interests and passions while learning much more.”