KIPPsters Excel: Celebrating High School Acceptances

KIPPsters Excel: Celebrating High School Acceptances

“KIPP Excel, a regional high school placement program, is nothing short of amazing,” stressed Shamel R. Gravely, KIPP Parent.

Our High School Placement and Transition Counselors seek to help KIPPsters relentlessly pursue their goals by providing them with access to rigorous and competitive high schools and supplying everything from application support to programming, plus advocacy, and more! In fact, we are happy to share some exciting high school acceptances!

This year along with many of our talented and excelling students, we have 16 KIPPsters who have been accepted to independent or boarding high schools! “Big shout out to our KIPPsters for receiving an average award of $48,000 each and collectively receiving over $1 million in financial aid awards,shared Christina Mireles, KIPP SoCal’s High School Placement & Transition Manager. 

And, in just a few months, our graduating 8th grade students will be walking through new doors as high school freshmen and taking big steps towards their career aspirations. Check out some of our Class of 2026 KIPPsters who've been accepted to their high school of choice: 

Congratulations to our 8th grade KIPPsters on their incredible accomplishments, excelling in every way! We know that amidst the challenges of the past two years, our KIPP SoCal community stayed connected, continued to learn, to grow, and to lead with love in uniquely innovative and inspirational ways.

To add, “this team of counselors really do take the heavy lift of high school placement in the palm of their hands and break it down to bite-sized pieces that make it easy for students and parents to handle, even during a pandemic,” reflected Ms. Gravely.“This team is hardworking, intentional, and caring about the scholars they serve. I am thankful to have been connected to a team of educators that put the needs of scholars first!” 

 High School Placement Parent Tips from a KIPP Parent:

"Parents, this process takes commitment and stamina," said Ms. Gravely. She continued, "My biggest advice is…

Start Early: 

  • Talk to your student to get an understanding of their dreams, strengths, passions, and needs.
  • Begin researching a variety of schools that seem to fit your student’s profile. 
  • Visit the school's community (i.e., drive through the neighborhood and look at the campus). 

Ask Questions:

  • Brainstorm and jot down a list of questions that you have regarding tuition, types of classes, diversity and inclusion, and extracurricular activities. 
  • Share your thoughts, concerns, and questions with your KIPP SoCal Excel Counselor; they are there to help you. #KIPPLeadersCARE
  • Connect with the school's admissions team for more information about the school. 

You Have Grit. Don't Quit!

  • If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out for help! The KIPP SoCal team is there to assist."

Certainly, our KIPPsters set a high bar for their futures. For some, that means being the first in their family to graduate from college or buy a home. For others, it means being an author, astronomer, marine biologist, or creating their own business. We see each student as an individual and help match what sparks their curiosity as we celebrate all paths to a fulfilling life and provide access to the tools and resources needed to succeed beyond our doors!