A Day in the Life: Directing Expanded Learning at KIPP SoCal

A Day in the Life: Directing Expanded Learning at KIPP SoCal

“A little bit about me: I was born in Mexico, was brought here as a child, I was undocumented the first 24 years of my life, but I continued to be resilient and persist in graduating college amidst adversity,” shared Janeethe Yarahuan, Associate Director of Expanded Learning at KIPP SoCal Public Schools. 

From founding the After-School Program at KIPP Academy of Innovation in East Los Angeles back in 2015 to now, “With great experience, I have been able to build a solid foundation for After-School Programming throughout our Southern California public schools, a foundation that we didn’t have before,” said Mrs. Yarahuan. KIPP Team PictureIt has been amazing to see KIPP SoCal’s growth from 7 to 17 in-house high-quality After-School Programs across the region with 5 summer camps and being able to serve 2,000+ KIPPsters daily with amazing enrichment programs and culminating events!” Truly she's a great leader with a great team — “I’ve been able to work with amazing Coordinators to make this happen.”

Mrs. Yarahuan has been described as, “Unstoppable. Determined to do right by our KIPPsters and her team. A model on what it means to be school-focused. An invaluable team member who leads with love. Passionate. Driven. One of a kind.” Those are the words from Lynnzi Brianza, Director of Public Programs and Authorizer Relations, when she announced Janeethe Yarahuan as a 2021 KIPPStar Team Member of the Year. 

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Mrs. Yarahuan’s “Day in the Life,” while no day is the same, you will typically find her directing Expanded Learning initiatives and supporting programming. Without a doubt, she loves helping team members and bringing excellent enrichment resources to our students and families.  


Baby Smiling for a picture

I get ready to start my morning and make sure my little one is fed and ready for her day! Can’t forget my morning coffee and I try to get a workout/morning walk whenever possible.


Zoom Meeting Grid

Time to read emails, respond to all internal/external stakeholders, and have my regular team check-ins to provide coaching for their programming goals! I am a liaison between external stakeholders and KIPP SoCal Public Schools, so I do a lot of federal and state reports to ensure our schools keep funding and meet all requirements while they focus on executing the programming. To add, I facilitate the Regional After-School Coordinators’ Weekly Community of Practice.


Posing during lunch

During this time, I eat my homemade lunch/snacks. Then, I continue my productive day of check-ins, support Expanded Learning Team Members, ensure programs are in compliance with all things grant-related, and work on the initiative to offer universal programming to KIPPsters!


Collage of student activities

The learning continues for our students with enrichment opportunities outside the standard in-school setting. To ensure we provide a high-quality experience, I am always on call for any emergencies, questions, and/or support, plus confirm that team members are meeting all grant requirements! There are so many great enrichment opportunities happening during this time and the Coordinators and Instructors are AMAZING! I am proud to be able to lead this team that has been making it happen.


Father with child

I absolutely love spending time with my husband and daughter — she enjoys our read-alouds. For dinner, we cook a lot of tasty Trader Joe’s meals while watching all kinds of baby shows (and yes, we know many of the theme songs). 

Fun facts: I love snowboarding. I'm a big Dodgers fan — Go Dodgers! I love Disneyland. I have traveled to 10 different countries. My brother is a big KIPPster at KIPP Corazón Academy and my nieces are little KIPPsters there too! 

“I strongly believe that I relate to a lot of our KIPP families because I am from one of our communities we serve,said Mrs. Yarahuan. “I feel that I bring a unique perspective and understanding of our families at our regional office and in the support I offer my team.” 

Smiling for the cameraWith our communities’ needs in mind, Mrs. Yarahuan is currently planning for the expansion of Expanded Learning and is always advocating for all Expanded Learning Team Members! “I absolutely love the Team of After School Coordinators and their commitment to all our KIPPsters,” she notes. “Every opportunity I get, I thank them for the work they do.”  

And that feeling is reciprocated as a team member said, “I have always loved working with Jan. When it comes to after-school programming, I love that she thinks outside the box and aims to increase the availability to all of our charter public schools.”  Grid of activities

Mrs. Yarahuan cares deeply about our school communities —"I can't wait to bring back regional events such as our soccer tournament, cheer & dance competition, basketball, etc." At KIPP SoCal, a revolutionary spirit is in our hearts. And in our recovery, we’re committed to meeting the challenges of this moment, and believe in the impact of our team and our Expanded Learning program. 

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KIPP SoCal Public School's After-School Program Mission: “After School time at KIPP SoCal supports our organization’s mission of preparing kids for high school, college, and life. Through quality academic assistance and enrichment opportunities, our students will develop their passion and leadership skills.”

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1. Each year, we celebrate and honor our inspiring KIPP SoCal Team & Family at the Karsh Family KIPPStar Awards, named in honor of champion supporters and education advocates Martha & Bruce Karsh. In alignment with our mission, KIPP SoCal awards Teacher and Team Member of the Year to individuals who embody the values that ground us as an organization: Lead with Love; Equity. Excellence; Strength in the Collective; Courage and Integrity; Learn and Grow.