A Day in the Life: Teaching Physical Education during Distance Learning

A Day in the Life: Teaching Physical Education during Distance Learning

Even when our KIPPsters are distance learning, our physical educators have adapted and continue providing guidance with an array of enjoyable lessons to help students meet the national daily standard of physical activity. In order to make sure families are able to balance the hurdles of at-home learning, we have provided flexible schedules to ensure that our KIPPsters remain active for a holistic learning and wellbeing.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our P.E. teacher’s day during Distance Learning — shared by Coach Jason Orona, Physical Education/Enrichment Teacher at KIPP Promesa Prep.


Rise and shine! My wife and I are both teachers and our days start with making sure our little guy is ready to go for his day at the babysitters. 


As soon as my son gets dropped off, it is time for a cup of coffee and a closer review of my notes for the day! 


This time is the joy of my day! I'm blessed to be able to interact with my KIPPsters in reading groups, math intervention, and student check-ins. As an enrichment teacher, I have had to adapt to teaching and tutoring outside my content area. Although slightly challenging, it has proven to be a very rewarding experience not only in showcasing versatility but creating deeper bonds with my students. 

12:00 - 1:00PM — HEALTHY & HAPPY FUEL UP

I don't think a day goes by where I do not eat eggs — I love them! An omelette is a quick efficient way to get in some protein and not too messy so the clean up is quick. I would say cooking at home is something that I have been working on. Last year, I used a ton of food delivery services but quickly realized that it wasn’t cost efficient. 


Over 50% of my P.E. activities are asynchronous pre-recorded lessons. Within the last year, I have learned a lot about how to film engaging curricula. I've been inspired by a concept I have learned in a professional development session called "Dissolve the Screen." I never forget why I am doing this and who my audience is. My goal is to make my students feel as though I am right there with them. They have grown to love not only my videos but also our unofficial P.E. mascots Lulu and Brownie. 


Good video editing takes time but it is key to ensuring quality instructions. Without the use of anchor charts, whiteboards and other things we would have in a typical classroom, it is important that students not only hear what the teacher is saying but also see written text or charts on the screen. This could be as simple as showing key vocabulary on the screen when explaining content. Over this past school year, I've become pretty good at using iMovie and using fun engaging tools such as sound effects, transitions and importing inspirational videos of athletes who have made huge social impacts in their communities — after all, we could all use some inspiration to stay active!


After work, we focus on spending time with our son EJ. He is an outdoor type of kid and we are fortunate enough to have a park nearby and a small outdoor play area for him. He loves bubbles, rocks, dirt and exploring his surroundings. He keeps us pretty busy and he reminds me of a lot of my students by his laughter, smiles, and eagerness to learn. 

FUN FACT: I am a proud U.S. Marine Corps veteran and I like to collect Pokemon/Sports cards. 

“My work provides KIPPsters with the motivation, ability, and confidence to apply what they have learned and adopt a healthy, active lifestyle — that is so worthwhile,” shared Coach Orona. Our P.E. teachers are excellent communicators who not only enjoy working with students and families but also collaborating with fellow teachers, administration, and other school team members. At KIPP SoCal, we set ambitious goals and hold each other accountable for students achieving their greatest potential. Join our KIPP SoCal Team & Family.

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