A Day in the Life: Teaching Third Grade during Distance Learning

A Day in the Life: Teaching Third Grade during Distance Learning

Third grade is an exciting year filled with so many concepts for our KIPPsters to learn! During Distance Learning, our teachers have been providing live interactive lessons that focus on grade-level learning priorities, small groups for strategic lessons, opportunities for class discussion, and real-time feedback.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a third grade teacher’s day during Distance Learning at our public school — shared by Third Grade Teacher and Grade-Level Chair at KIPP Raíces Academy, Edana St. Pierre.

7:00 - 7:45AM — GOOD MORNING

Time to get up for a great, productive day ahead! I make green tea for myself and black coffee for the hubby. I then play some spiritual music and take my dog Penda for a walk. We walk two miles a day and it's a terrific way to stay healthy and clear my mind before school starts.


I prepare for the day — I turn on my multiple screens to ensure that I can see all the students, my presentation, and utilize a "student view iPad" in any case that the internet lags. It is best to be all set and ready. 

8:00 - 8:05AM — GREETINGS

Morning greetings with my students brings in such positive energy into our virtual classroom — their individual personalities really shine through! We always start our day with a "Good Morning" song in both English and Spanish.


Now it's time to grow our brains! Today, we worked on identifying the main idea with supporting details as we prepare for our assessment. This is an essential reading comprehension skill for my students to develop. 

Distance Learning has definitely modified how we administer assessments, but my achievers are so awesome, they don't let a little computer screen keep them from showing excellence! I am able to measure my students’ growth towards goals, and monitor their mastery of the content standards.

12:00 - 1:00PM — STUDENT CHECK-INS

Usually you will find me having individual student check-ins with my achievers. These check-ins are essential to ensure that my students have everything they need while creating a space for them to share out and get assistance. Afterwards, I submit attendance in Illuminate.

1:00 - 2:00PM — LUNCH

I stay nourished and have lunch! After a savory meal, I like to prepare materials for the next day. I also make sure the presentation is set, assignments are assigned, and start checking the work from today.


During this time, I provide smaller settings where students can get more individualized attention, talk with their peers, and just enjoy each others’ company while growing their brain! This is a great time for differentiation, and we usually end our sessions with some really good jokes — learning should also be fun!


Time for walk #2 with Penda and her fur siblings! (I hope she isn't too tired from her busy day. Let's go, Penda!) After her walk, I prepare dinner, write and internalize some interactive lesson plans, call a few friends to check in, get some wedding planning done (my daughter is getting married!!) and by 8:00 p.m. it is time to catch a favorite TV show with the family.

Fun fact: I am quite a hula hooper. I have been known to hula hoop through television shows and movies at home.

KIPP SoCal teachers are committed to seeing our students as extraordinary individuals with limitless potential, developing classroom lessons and activities that support their educational and social-emotional needs, and inspiring them to continue learning beyond the classroom! Our educators help shape academic goals and are dedicated to getting our KIPPsters to achieve them and more. “I have a great time helping my students learn — it’s so rewarding seeing them grow and develop as young, enthusiastic learners,” shared Mrs. St. Pierre. “My third graders are so full of joy and love!”

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