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KIPP SoCal continually strives to use communication and instruction methods that best serve our students and families. We wants to continue to embrace these technological advances but realize that not all families have the same access. To support our families, KIPP SoCal will provide the following to our students:

  • Every student will be provided an assigned Chromebook, with a charger, to use throughout the school year.  This Chromebook will only be used by your student and will be transported to and from school.
  • If needed, each student will be provided a bag with padding to transport the Chromebook to and from school.
  • If needed, each KIPP SoCal household can borrow a portable Internet hotspot if your household does not have access to reliable Internet at all times.

If you would like to borrow a Chromebook or portable Internet hotspot to support your KIPP SoCal’s student’s distance learning needs, please reach out directly to your school’s office to schedule an appointment.

Las Escuelas Públicas de KIPP SoCal (se esfuerzan continuamente por utilizar métodos de comunicación e instrucción que sirvan mejor a nuestros estudiantes y familias. KIPP SoCal quiere seguir adoptando estos avances tecnológicos, pero se da cuenta de que no todas las familias tienen el mismo acceso. Para apoyar a nuestras familias, KIPP SoCal proporcionará lo siguiente a nuestros estudiantes:

  • A cada estudiante se le proporcionará un Chromebook asignado, con un cargador, para usar durante el año escolar. Este Chromebook solo será utilizado por su estudiante y será transportado hacia y desde la escuela. 
  • Si es necesario, a cada estudiante se le proporcionará una bolsa con relleno para transportar el Chromebook hacia y desde la escuela.
  • Si es necesario, cada hogar de KIPP SoCal puede pedir prestado un punto de acceso a Internet portátil si su hogar no tiene acceso a Internet confiable en todo momento.

Si desea pedir prestado un Chromebook o un punto de acceso a Internet portátil para satisfacer las necesidades de aprendizaje a distancia de su estudiante de KIPP SoCal, comuníquese directamente con la oficina de su escuela para programar una cita.

Student Technology Equipment Agreement | Acuerdo de Préstamo de Equipo de Tecnología Para Estudiantes

Technology Issued by KIPP SoCal | Tecnología Emitida por KIPP SoCal

Chromebooks Models | Modelos de Computadoras Chromebook

Samsung XE500C213




HP Chromebook G8

Samsung Chromebook 4

MiFi Mobile Hotspots | Punto de Accesso

Orbic Mifi Hotspot

Helpful Tech How-To Videos

How to Ensure Your Chromebook is Ready for School


How to log onto a Chromebook with your Email | Cómo Ingresar la computadora Usando Email



How to log onto a Chromebook with Clever Badge | Cómo Ingresar la computadora Usando Clever Badge

For families who were provided with a 'badge' that looks like this, please review these videos.



How To Update Your Chromebook | Cómo Actualizar Su Computadora



Resetting Your Chromebook

Having trouble turning on your Chromebook? Try doing a reset.



Checking Your Chromebook Resolution Settings

If you are running into an issue doing your testing at home, follow this video to ensure your Chromebook has the correct Chromebook resolution.



Instructional Software & Online Learning Platforms


Clever is our one-stop shop to access all of the Standards-Based Instructional platforms that your child will be working with daily. In order to log on to Clever, you’ll need to authenticate Clever with your KIPP SoCal email (@stu.kippsocal.org).

If using a computer, Clever works best with all browser versions released in 2013 and later. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for an optimized experience.

How to log into Clever from Chromebook



Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a platform from which your child can access our online learning management system. Students are added to Google Classroom by their teachers, teachers and students can then collaborate online, watch live sessions, access recorded sessions, our Virtual After-School program, upload assignments and more. Learn how to connect to Google Classroom via iOS or Android or view any of the tutorial videos below.

For Google Classroom codes relating to your student's school, please view directory below and choose a KIPP SoCal school.

How to Access Google Classroom from Clever



How to Access Zoom from Google Classroom



Online Learning Platforms

Although the standards-based instructional platforms, such as Lexia or ST Math, can be accessed through Safari or Chrome browsers on a computer, if using an iPhone or iPad they are more stable and function better if they are run from their application, downloaded from the App Store. Learn more about which apps are recommended for download and how you can.

How to log into iReady



How to log into ST Math 



Common Technology Issues | Problemas Tecnológicos Comunes

Click on the problem to expand and read possible solution.

Looking for More Tech Assistance? | Busca Mas Asistencia Técnica?

If you are looking for further technical assistance (computer issues, log-in information, etc) please contact our Family Hotline.

Si está buscando más asistencia técnica (problemas con la computadora, información de inicio de sesión, etc.), comuníquese con nuestra línea directa familiar.

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.