KIPP Sol Academy Student

About KIPP Sol Academy

Ganas. Reflection. Excellence. Love. Advocacy.

KIPP Sol Academy opened in August 2013 under the leadership of founding school leader, Rachelle Minix, a graduate of the prestigious KIPP School Leadership Program. Since its founding in 2013, KIPP Sol has grown to educate over 500 students in grade 5 -8. 

At KIPP Sol, we believe.

  1. We believe each child is unique and should be celebrated and nurtured as so.
  2. We believe that education is the path to equity and freedom.
  3. We believe excellent skills in reading, writing, speaking and math give us a powerful voice and make us independent. The power is within each of us.
  4. We believe that intelligence is malleable. Effective effort is what makes us smart.
  5. We believe we must work to earn trust and build relationships with students, families and teammates in order to best serve the community. Our students are who we are.
  6. We believe we must teach our students with love and empathy while always holding them to the highest expectations. Anything less would be a disservice to our students and the community.

Why the name Sol?

In Spanish, Sol means “sun” – the biggest star in our sky. At KIPP Sol we want our students to strive for greatness, to push their limits and to expand their minds; in essence, we want them to constantly “reach for the stars” in all that they do. Excellence will be our mindset and our habit.

Sol is also a play on the English word “soul”. At KIPP Sol we put an enormous emphasis on building the unique abilities and the confidence of each one of our students. We strive to ignite the power and potential within each child as they pursue their passions and climb the mountain to and through college.

What is a KIPP Sol Advocate?

At KIPP Sol, we refer to all of our students as “Advocates”. We define advocacy as:
“The ability to define ourselves, name ourselves, create think and speak for ourselves so we never risk being defined, named, created, or spoken for by others.”

Our academic and character development programs are premised entirely on our beliefs and sound research about what is best for teaching and learning. See “Our Approach” for more information about our programming.

Main Office

4800 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90022

(P) 323.800.5220
(F) 323.800.5221

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 am - 3:30 pm