Meet the 2023 KIPP Federal Policy Fellows

Meet the 2023 KIPP Federal Policy Fellows

By KIPP Public Schools

We are excited to introduce the 2023 KIPP Federal Policy Fellows!  

The KIPP Federal Policy Fellowship is a selective leadership development program for alums with career aspirations in policy, advocacy, and public service. Fellows receive one-on-one mentoring and professional development support to secure summer internships in Washington, DC, with members of Congress or at policy and advocacy non-profit organizations.

Their summer experience in DC is sponsored by the KIPP Foundation, including round-trip airfare, furnished housing, a new professional wardrobe, and a biweekly stipend. At KIPP, we know that our students and alums have the power to build a more just world. The Federal Policy Fellowship aims to ensure that careers in public service are accessible to all future changemakers. 

We can’t wait to see the 2023 KIPP Federal Policy Fellows soar this summer and beyond. Get to know our two remarkable KIPP SoCal fellows by reading their bios below: 

Andres Marquez 

Andres Marquez is a part of the 2025 class of the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He is passionate about both the law and education. Andres currently serves as a researcher at National Elections Across Democracy and Autocracy (NELDA) in Berkeley, California. Outside of the classroom, he is a college counselor at the East Bay Consortium in Oakland, California, an organization whose goal is to increase the number of students finishing high school and enrolling in postsecondary institutions. In the future, Andres aspires to use his skills in policy and advocacy to be a liaison between indigenous communities and policymakers. 

Briaunna Picart 

Briaunna Picart is a second–year student at UCLA studying Psychology. Growing up in Westmont in South Central L.A. and understanding the issues her community faces has shaped her passion for public service. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she served as a tutor for children in her community to remind them of the possibilities that lie ahead. As an advocate and leader in her community, she aims to highlight disparities in access to healthy food across the city. She continues to be engaged in both tutoring and gardening. Through her career, she hopes to help reduce the public health crises within BIPOC and low-income communities by increasing the accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare. 

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