Local Public Schools Offering Enriching Education for Student Success

Local Public Schools Offering Enriching Education for Student Success

By: The L.A. Coalition for Excellent Public Schools 

As schools transition from online to in-person learning with new rules and safety protocols, parents, students, and educators at charter public schools throughout east, northeast and southeast Los Angeles communities are working closely together to ensure that students have a better chance at succeeding in their new learning environments.

During a global pandemic that has rattled the foundational structure of education, public schools like [...] KIPP SoCal Public Schools quickly learned that, even during a global pandemic, in today’s competitive college-going environment, schools must offer students and their families an enriching public education requiring resources, services, and added supports so that they can succeed in college, careers and beyond. [...]

Now more than ever, the right school offering the best program and support spells success for students. It brings families peace of mind to know that their children are in good hands, especially during trying times.

Charter schools are public schools that offer students nurturing learning environments tailored for them, and academic programs that place emphasis on whole-child care and wellness. For example, KIPP SoCal Public Schools, a network of award-winning open-enrollment elementary and middle schools – many located in East Los Angeles, foster a culture of high expectations rooted in the belief that children can reach their full potential if they’re offered a program that, while focused on achievement, cultivates well-developed character strengths. To achieve this, KIPP SoCal provides personalized learning based on the individualized needs, skills and interests of each student.

While academic instruction encourages inquisitiveness in English Language Arts and natural curiosity for hands-on science activities and discovery, visual and performing arts programming gives way to creativity and further enriches the lives of students. More importantly, KIPP SoCal’s safe, positive and supported learning environment celebrates and respects culture and diversity. It acknowledges that empowered and connected communities are integral to each school’s success.

KIPP SoCal also believes in the critical role that highly effective teachers play in the lives of children. In their communities, teachers are leaders. This is why, KIPP teachers benefit from professional development and a support system that helps them learn and grow. They are encouraged to lead school teams.

In addition to a robust academic program, KIPP SoCal’s collaboration with community partners bring much-needed additional resources and services to students and their families. Earlier this year, KIPP SoCal Public Schools launched a partnership with Altamed that brought a teledentistry mobile unit to serve students at its Raíces (TK-4), Iluminar Academy (TK-4), and Academy of Innovation (5-8) campuses in East Los Angeles. This is one of many examples through which charter public schools like KIPP SoCal create unique opportunities to meet the increasing and diverse needs of families served.

The best part about a charter public school education is that it’s local and it’s free, because charter schools are public schools open to all students. Charter school communities are student-focused and committed to helping all children reach their full potential.

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The story was originally published on The Eastsider

About the Author: The L.A. Coalition for Excellent Public Schools (LACFEPS) is a group of successful nonprofit charter public school networks whose members work collaboratively to ensure that all students and families in Los Angeles have the ability to choose and attend an excellent public school. These schools have a proven track record in academics, as well as graduation and college readiness. They serve a diverse population of students with varying abilities and individualized needs.