Books By KIPP Teachers To Read with Your Child This Summer

Books By KIPP Teachers To Read with Your Child This Summer

By: KIPP Foundation Staff

KIPP teachers have always inspired students to love to read. So, it’s no surprise that KIPP teachers are authors too! If you are looking for a book to read this summer with your child, check out these books and workbooks authored by our very own KIPP teachers that will be sure to educate, inspire and uplift. 

Sara Bear

Authored by KIPP SoCal teacher Dr. Kaylie M. Gómez, illustrated by Adam Parsons

After Stephanie visits Bear Buddies to create one extraordinary teddy bear, Kaylie is able to connect with her great-grandmother in a way she’s never experienced before. Come along on the journey as Sara Bear discovers why she was created and how much she is loved.

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