KIPP Compton Recognized with “Community Impact Project” Award

KIPP Compton Recognized with “Community Impact Project” Award

KIPP Compton Community School

The teams behind the KIPP Compton Community School, Wolff Family Campus celebrate a Bronze Award for “Community Impact Project,” presented by the Los Angeles Business Journal at their 27th Annual Commercial Real Estate Symposium & Awards.

In March, “we honored this year’s outstanding projects and developments that have enhanced the fabric of Los Angeles,” said Josh Schimmels, L.A. Business Journal Publisher and CEO. “This impressive and talented group have made key contributions to some of the highest-profile developments in L.A. — and did it during a time of challenge and uncertainty.”

Community Impact Bronze AwardKIPP Compton Community School

Award: Community Impact – Bronze Award

Contractor: Oltmans Construction Co.

Architect: Berliner Architects

View a recap of the award recording below:

KIPP Compton Community School receives award at 1:07:38

Students performingIndeed, amidst the hardships of the past two years, our team that secured a home for KIPP Compton — described as “the School that Love Built” — found a way! Our KIPPsters’ have a home for years to come where our educators provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment with a thriving enrichment experience. 

In the words of KIPP Compton School Leader, Dr. LeAnna Majors, “Our school belongs to the people of Compton!”

Students participating in activities

With about 34,000 square feet, KIPP Compton is organized around a central, inward-facing courtyard filled with playfields, dining areas, and outdoor learning spaces for students to enjoy, stated the Oltmans Construction team.

“The campus is structured to maximize outdoor spaces and connection with indoor spaces.” To add, there are dozens of classrooms and rooms for KIPP Compton’s specialties, including state of the art technology — all designed to more than meet the needs of the school community.

How did we get here? In summary, “we thoroughly reviewed the environmental conditions to ensure the property met the highest safety standards. The development of the school repurposed an infill site … [and] Berliner Architects studied the surrounding neighborhood and schools to inform the design scheme,” said Erik Hagstrom, KIPP SoCal's Director of Real Estate. 

Elements of the new Compton campusKIPP Compton was designed at a smaller scale to be comfortable for our elementary school students and incorporates warm, inviting color palettes. Berliner Architects thoughtfully configured the site plan around the central courtyard and play area, reducing any noise impacts on the neighborhood,” he added. “The site is adjacent to residential and commercial areas, so sightlines and overall visibility were taken into consideration when designing…, making sure that the street-facing facades incorporated different materials, colors, and massing to give relief to the facades,” shared the Oltmans Construction team. “In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, KIPP Compton [also] incorporates design elements that help to reduce the transmission of viruses and germs, such as automatic entry doors, touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and hand driers, as well as trough sinks outside the restroom for easy hand washing.”

Student standing in front of mural on stair wall

Overall, “our team is so proud of its work in Southern California, especially the community that rallied around the foundation of the Wolff Family Campus [through resilience, perseverance and dedication],” said Angella Martínez, CEO of KIPP SoCal Public Schools.  

KIPP Compton Community School is a tuition-free, college-preparatory TK-4* charter public school in Compton. It is grounded in the fundamental belief that all people have the power to positively impact the lives of others. We are revolutionary civic leaders who will build a better tomorrow through our profound love of people and love of learning. As a joyful collaborative, through rigorous teaching and learning, strengths-based character education, and trusting relationships our KIPPsters will excel through high school, college, and in life, as we lead others in realizing local and global communities that are equitable for all people.

*A grade level will be added each year until we are fully grown with TK-8th grade.