The School that Love Built: KIPP Compton Welcomes a New State-of-the-Art Campus

The School that Love Built: KIPP Compton Welcomes a New State-of-the-Art Campus

Described as the "School that Love Built," KIPP Compton Community School, a TK-3* charter public school, recently celebrated completion of its new Wolff Family Campus located at 1650 W. 134th Street., Compton, CA 90222. Previously co-located at other schools, the new 33,790 square foot building offers bright, spacious, classrooms fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a multi-purpose room, and turf-lined outdoor area with a play structure for kids of all ages.

“We welcome charter [public schools] ... Oftentimes, we look at the walls and divisions with respect to traditional and charter schools — that need not exist. What must exist is the fundamental belief that our children can achieve when given an opportunity to have a highly qualified teacher who cares and a culturally relevant curriculum… that’s our mission, that’s our charge. I believe we can do it together and successfully, said Micah Ali, President of the Compton Unified School District Board of Education, during his opening remarks at the KIPP Compton Ribbon Cutting Ceremony joined by students, families, community members, and supporters. 

"Our team is so proud of its work in Southern California, especially the community that has rallied around the foundation of the Wolff Family Campus," added Angella Martinez, CEO of KIPP SoCal Public Schools. "This community is dear to me because my first job was as a teacher in Compton, and it's here that I fell in love with teaching and the power of education. I'm grateful to Compton for all that I've learned about being an educator," shared Martinez.

KIPP Compton Tour with Emma Sharif, City of Compton Mayor; Lillie P. Darden, Councilwoman District 4; LeAnna Majors, School Leader; KIPP Compton student In addition to the new facilities, a beautiful mural adorns the stairwell and hall at the school's main entrance. The mural, envisioned and painted by South Central L.A. muralist Moses X. Ball represents the power of the people, and features well-known figures such as former President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and others.

"Our school belongs to the people of Compton," said Dr. LeAnna Majors, Founding School Leader at KIPP Compton. "Knowing and understanding this, we will source partnerships to help alleviate barriers to learning that our students may encounter, and help provide for our community," she added.

The inaugural event, which was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrated the community of individuals that brought the school to its final completion. At the start of the 2021-2022 school year, KIPP Compton was fully enrolled with a population of more than 450 elementary students and their families. In spite of continued challenges due to the global pandemic, the KIPP Compton team remains focused on providing a loving and academically excellent school environment that prepares students for higher education, careers and beyond.

“As a parent, it was important that my children attended a school where they were seen, they were challenged academically, and most importantly felt loved,expressed Ikeisha Tippin, Founding Parent at KIPP Compton. 

"I have taken the responsibility for ensuring all children feel loved, valued, and seen for who they are authentically; not only when they are at home or in their communities, but also while they are learning at school,” said Dr. Majors. “This place feels like home. It is a place where we can be. We can make mistakes. We can have successes. We can share kind words. … We work, create, plan, and dream. We ultimately find a way or make one. This is the work of founding a school."

*A grade level will be added each year until the school is fully grown with TK-8th grade.