All-Female Mariachi Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

All-Female Mariachi Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

“My Mexican nationality is who I am and I'm proud to represent it every day,” said Cynthia Avila, community activist and KIPP SoCal’s Student Enrollment Associate.  

When asked what she is excited about as we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, Mrs. Avila stated, “Mariachi music. This music is the heart of our culture. It brings such heartfelt memories that range from happy and/or sad times in our lives. For example, a song like Amor Eterno can remind you of the beautiful memories that you shared with a loved one that has passed away. A song such as La Negra can remind you of the traditional fiestas and the rich color of the Folclórico dancers.” 

La música de Las Colibrí | Acceso Total | Telemundo 52

Mrs. Avila is a part of award-winning Las Colibrí and Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas — two all-female bands, based in Los Angeles, CA — that use their music to preserve Mariachi culture, advocate for social justice, immigration, equality, and women empowerment! 

“I feel like I'm living the Mexican dream in the United States — I pursued an education and now I’m following my passions,” shared Mrs. Avila. “From a young age, my parents wanted me to be successful in life by reaching a college degree. The one thing that has evolved since then is that it's very important to not lose yourself while you're looking for that success. I now have a Master's Degree in Business Administration, a wonderful job, and I get to ground myself every weekend when I perform and represent my culture.”    

Cynthia Avila with Dolores Huerta, the fearless labor movement leader

Her dedication and talents have certainly taken her far! To name a few note-worthy milestones, Mrs. Avila has performed on a stage shared by Latin singer Luis Coronel, in a radio station with R&B singer and producer John Legend, and at cultural events in honor of the great civil rights activist Dolores Huerta!

Mrs. Avila added, “I love playing in the community at the family fiestas. Mexico is so diverse and I've gotten to see the many different traditions that Mexico has and how proud we all are to be part of it.”

Without missing a beat, she also advocates for women's empowerment by being present and in the moment at her Mariachi performances, interpreting songs as best as she can, and making herself available for heart-to-heart community conversations.   

“Sometimes we leave our musical footprints behind for others to make new discoveries about who we are and where we come from.” — @lascolibri 

Mrs. Avila concluded, “Mariachi music gives us life. I'm a proud Mexican female artist that enjoys representing her culture in hopes that younger generations get inspired. It is so important to leave this legacy of love for our children.” On a final note, in the words of Las Colibri, “¡Que viva la mujer y que viva la tradición!”