The KIPP Approach: Nisha Vasavada's Vision for KIPP Pueblo Unido

The KIPP Approach: Nisha Vasavada's Vision for KIPP Pueblo Unido

We build authentic relationships and create joyfully rigorous classrooms where every child feels seen, supported, and believed in to reach their highest potential,” said Nisha Vasavada, Co-Founding School Leader at KIPP Pueblo Unido Upper School

Pueblo Unido continues to lay the groundwork for a liberatory and equitable education for our students, families, and team. To add, our KIPPsters have shared that they’re really enjoying school, loving their teachers, finding the content exciting, and enjoying the opportunities to safely engage with each other across all classes. “I love seeing our students be successful,” added Ms. Vasavada.

And, showing our students that we care matters too! Karla, KIPP Pueblo Unido student, spoke to that, “I appreciate [our School Leader] a lot for being there to help me and for checking up on me.”

Our KIPP Pueblo Unido Upper School is creating something special together and in partnership. Check out what our Co-Founding School Leader, Ms. Vasavada, had to say about the vision for KIPP Pueblo Unido Upper School:

Hi, my name is Nisha Vasavada. I’m the Co-Founding School Leader at KIPP Pueblo Unido Upper School. Growing up, I really always felt like an other and it was a gradual journey for myself to really embrace my identity. I wanted to do work where I was working with people to have an impact that I could believe in and stand behind. So, that’s what led me into education! 

I knew I wanted to found a school and I was drawn to KIPP SoCal, specifically, because it’s about alignment of everyone coming together towards a common end goal — it’s like a partnership! 

The most rewarding part of being a School Leader is that I get to see my kids in action, that’s what really makes it so wonderful. It’s not my school, it’s our school! It’s really, really important that all of our students feel affirmed in who they are — no matter who that is — and be able to walk away and own that in the world. That is what we are working towards every day.

“I’m excited to continue to unleash the creativity, ideas, and voices of our students, and that starts by unleashing the creative potential of our collective team,” stated Ms. Vasavada. 

She added, “we [continue to] support and lift up one another to ensure all voices are heard.” Taking notice, a KIPP Pueblo Unido parent who has expressed that she could really feel the Pueblo difference in how her child has been supported at this school.

In addition, we can also see that support amongst our students. We've had students recognize their teammates for their everyday positive energy and readiness in class, and naming the clear impact that it had on them. “These moments are reminders of how our students are true leaders and how they inspire one another,” Ms. Vasavada mentioned. “They are amazing young humans!”

Our KIPP Pueblo Unido Upper School keeps on learning, improving, collaborating, and growing! Ms. Vasavada concluded, “I have confidence in our kids, families, and our team, and what is possible as we practice love, ganas, curiosity, and optimism!”


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