Scholarship Dreams: KIPP SoCal Students Earned Jack Kent Cooke & Caroline D. Bradley Awards

Scholarship Dreams: KIPP SoCal Students Earned Jack Kent Cooke & Caroline D. Bradley Awards

Our KIPP Through College (KTC) team works alongside students and families to provide unwavering scholarship assistance, because the preparation of high school and higher education should not be overshadowed by financial stress. And it is with great joy that we celebrate the profound achievements of two of our very own KIPPsters — Allison B., from KIPP Academy of Opportunity (KAO) and an alumna from KIPP Empower Academy (KEA), who has landed a place in the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program, and Sabinah M., from KIPP LA Prep (KLAP), who has earned a highly regarded and competitive Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship. Congratulations to both KIPPsters who exemplify the meaning of excellence and determination — our entire KIPP SoCal community is so proud! 

Being named one of 50 Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars across the nation, indicates that Allison B., our high-performing 8th grade KIPPster, will receive a selective five-year, pre-college scholarship. This award provides comprehensive academic and college advising, as well as financial support for school, Cooke-sponsored summer programs, internships, and other learning enrichment opportunities. To Allison, “it means everything! I like learning new things, expanding my knowledge on many subjects to guarantee that I contribute to a better tomorrow. It’s like a dream come true, you can say. It means a lot to me and my family — it will help us in many ways.” 

She stressed her gratitude for her KTC Counselor, Ms. Winborne, “she helped and guided me through all the questions. If I was stuck on something, I would ask her and she would answer me. Ms. Winborne was always there for me! I’m very grateful for her.”

Allison is described as “a high-spirited and optimistic student” with a passion for history, math, and science. “She is also an alumna of KEA which helped her develop into the zesty and gritty KIPPster that she is. Her heart for humanity is evident in the way she approaches life,” shared Ms. Winborne. “Allison strongly believes gratitude is a tool that she and others should use to persist through challenges. She has grown to embrace who she is by participating in team activities such as Art Club at KAO, volleyball, and her local swim club.” 

Allison is still exploring her career goals and hopes that being a Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholar will help her further discover her passions as she participates in high-quality academic and extracurricular opportunities in our local community, on college campuses, and around the globe! In the meantime, Allison wants to remind young students and the community to “never give up. Always have empathy for others and help others. Right now we are going through a lot of challenges with the pandemic. Many might feel discouraged, but always work hard and never give up. There are many opportunities out there that can help you and guide you into a better future.” 

Along similar lines, selected from thousands of highly gifted students across the United States, the Institute for Educational Advanacement’s (IEA) Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship will award our 8th grade KIPPster, Sabinah M. a four-year high school scholarship to an optimally matched high school program intended to meet her unique intellectual and personal needs, and will receive individualized support, educational advocacy, and a dedicated network of peers. “I can’t even put in words what this means to my parents and I,” enthusiastically expressed Sabinah. “The support is unmatched! This award will really help me in my educational path, even career and beyond!”

She continued, “I’m really grateful that our school, KIPP LA Prep, has really motivational teachers. Since 5th grade, all of my teachers have been pushing me to be my very best no matter what I’m doing — to always try my best. They’ve always believed in me.” Sabinah also shared appreciation for her KTC Counselor “Ms. Dolly Figueroa has been so helpful” — she’s helped look over scholarship applications and essays with a great energy that motivates. She noted, “I’m really thankful for her!”

On the other hand, “Sabinah has been a standout student throughout her years at KLAP, and was nominated because of her excellent academics, interviews, community engagement and zest for education,” stated Ms. Figueroa. “She’s participated in the Kumon program, won various awards, and also engaged in varying camps learning more about the STEM field at UCLA.”

With her eyes on Stanford University, her top two career aspirations are being a lawyer or engineer. She hopes to use her voice to advocate for what she believes in. Though not quite set on one path, Sabinah can also see herself in many fields where she can take her math skills to make a difference. In her spare time, Sabinah also volunteers at Schools On Wheels helping younger students academically, enjoys traveling, and hopes to get back into the performing arts with the support of IEA behind her. 

“As a family we are all trying to help each other grow and succeed through our educational paths and beyond,” said Sabinah. She wants to remind her peers to “apply to the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship. No matter how hard it is, just persist! Even if this is on top of school work, make sure you are on top of your grades, don’t let this distract you. Complete the application in moderation. Don’t back down. You never know what’s going to happen.” 

Lastly, Ms. Winborne’s “recommendation for students is to get involved and try new things!! That's one way to figure out what you want in life.” “I hope that KIPPsters look to Sabinah M. and Allison B. as an inspiration to think about all the possibilities that are available to them," stated Ms. Figueroa. “Work hard and ask for help. There are a lot of opportunities available to you.” At KIPP SoCal, we know that every student's story and career aspirations are different, powerful, and special and want to recognize and encourage our KIPPsters to continue their educational effort. In the words of Ms. Figueroa, “KIPP Through College is here to support you! We want you to be successful. We are on your team!”