10-Year-Old KIPPster Launched Her First Business During The Pandemic

10-Year-Old KIPPster Launched Her First Business During The Pandemic

Khiley B., 10, is the proud CEO and owner of Sissy B. Nails, a kid-friendly nail polish company in Long Beach.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to get creative about new ways of doing things — new ways of learning, having fun, and even celebrating birthdays. For Khiley’s 10th birthday, instead of having a grand birthday celebration or taking the anticipated family trip to the Nickelodeon studio, Krystle Braxton, Khiley's mom said, "'Well, how about I take that same money and invest in my child?' I knew I didn't want my kids to look at COVID as a detriment to their livelihood.”1

This past June, our KIPPster at KIPP Scholar took her passion of painting her nails and turned it into a thriving business. “I am the owner and CEO of Sissy B. Nails,” shared 5th grader, Khiley who goes by Sissy B.

This young entrepreneur is driven to make her customers happy. “My water-based nail polish is especially made for kids. Sissy B. Nails is scent-free — no more strong toxic smells that take over the room. It also dries quickly, this is the added bonus for my 3-year-old baby sister who is constantly moving. When you are ready to remove the polish, you can peel it right off. Nail polish remover is not needed, again protecting us kids from harsh chemicals,” said Khiley.

With her 2021 goals to inspire others and one day become a teacher, she stresses that “school definitely comes first, then business.” Khiley’s favorite school subject is math, which helps her to effectively complete her business tasks. She also incorporates her school values into this bonafide business — love, integrity, scholarship, and grit. For example, “I show grit by never giving up and continuing to climb up the hills even if they are bumpy,” she shared. And taking all that she’s learned thus far, Khiley is sharing her journey via virtual school appearances across the United States!

“My daughter Khiley is your average kid and able to grow this amazing business,” noted Mrs. Braxton. “This is to show that it is possible to follow your passion(s). These are different times, but good things can happen.” 

Mrs. Braxton added, “We just have to be open to embracing new possibilities. ‘Embracing change together’ is the foundation and the core reason why we started this business. Even though things are so different, you can still find opportunities to thrive.” 

“The secret to success is to be kind, respectful, and never give up,” stated Khiley. "Don’t let COVID-19 stop your dreams."

You can find Sissy B. Nails online or at Stitch Virgin Hair Boutique located at 2319 E 7th St, Long Beach. Story seen on ABC 7 and Good Day LA.

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