KIPP SoCal Leading Towards Liberation

KIPP SoCal teacher instructing student

The KIPP SoCal mission statement starts with the words, “together with families and communities,” and ends with the words, “to build a more just world.” We’ve been working together to create safe, structured and nurturing environments for all KIPPsters. Our vision is that every child grows up free to create the future they want for themselves and for their communities.

To achieve that, we believe in the power of our great teachers and school leaders to continue to move us forward in our journey towards a liberatory education for our students. In this moment, we are committed to a better understanding of what it takes to raise our critical consciousness and teach in a way that is anti-racist, culturally responsive, and liberating. 

Hear from other school leaders and teachers about how they see, develop, and inspire at KIPP SoCal:


"I am already grateful to teach. And not only that, I feel supported. The energy is going to feed off into the students."
— Delton Davis, KIPP SoCal Music Teacher
"As soon as you walk in, you genuinely see kids happy."
— Susana Alvarado-Lazcano, KIPP SoCal Lead Education Specialist
"I look at our teachers, I look at alumni, and I see the impact that we are having. If it wasn’t for KIPP, I don’t think they would have that same experience."
— Monica Madrigal, KIPP SoCal School Leader
"College is not just a dream somewhere out there. It is something that we are constantly working for, laying the foundation, and creating habits so that when you get there, you are successful and you graduate."
— Dominique Escobar, KIPP SoCal 1st Grade Teacher
"We never make assumptions about what representation looks like for our students and instead we're asking our students and families what they want, what is most important to them. And really creating an individualized learning program for every child."
— Tessa Mizokami, KIPP SoCal School Leader
"What I really appreciate about KIPP is that being able to be a KIPP teacher allows you to be your authentic self."
— Christopher Sandoval, KIPP SoCal Dance Teacher
"Every week, I meet with my School Leader and we talk about specific goals for my classroom. I never had that before."
— Mia Jenkins, KIPP SoCal Kindergarten Teacher
"Teaching at KIPP is a very special and unique experience. We do not only teach Math, Reading, and Science — it is also about diversity, equity, justice, inclusion."
— Krystal Vega-Washington, KIPP SoCal School Leader
"I want to make a difference and KIPP allows me to do that."
— Lana Saykali, KIPP SoCal Science Teacher