Commitment to Excellence

After enrolling at KIPP LA Prep, the school leader, teachers, parents, and students sign a non-binding pledge called a “Commitment to Excellence.”

Parents’/Guardians’ Commitment.

Without taking shortcuts, we commit to KIPP in the following ways:

  • We understand that our child must follow the KIPP rules. We, not the school, are responsible for the behavior and actions of our child.
  • We will ensure our child arrives at KIPP LA Prep everyday on time so that they may be in class ready to learn. We will also arrange for our child to remain at KIPP LA Prep throughout the entire instructional day.
  • We will ensure our child participates in supplemental instruction when needed.
  • We will commit to participating at KIPP LA Prep by volunteering in a variety of ways, including attending parent teacher conferences, family workshops, and other school-related activities.
  • We will ensure our child adheres to the KIPP LA Prep dress code.
  • We will contact teachers regularly to discuss our child’s progress.
  • We will notify the school no later than the beginning of the school day if our child will miss school. We will send a note when they return.
  • We will check our child’s agenda and sign it every day as part of our child’s homework.
  • We will read and check carefully all papers our child brings home, including homework, every night. When there are problems, we will ensure that our child calls a KIPP LA Prep teammate or the KIPP LA Prep faculty member for help.
  • We have thoroughly read the Family Handbook and have discussed the contents with our child.

Student Commitment.

  • I will be a college-bound learner.
  • I will be an active, honest, and responsible participant in my school, community, and home.
  • I will be professional in manner and dress.
  • I will respect my teammates, my teachers, my community, and myself.
  • I will model excellence at all times.