KIPP LA Student

The Students We Support

When a child enters a KIPP LA elementary or middle school, the students, parents, and teachers make a promise to help the student successfully “climb the mountain to and through college.” In keeping the promise, the KIPP Through College program continues to support students who complete the eighth grade at KIPP on their journey to remain on the path to and through college. 

Students in the KTC program are a diverse set of individuals, each with his or her own unique background, talents, and aspirations. 

Student Profiles

Brenda S.

Brenda S.

Alumna, KIPP LA Prep

In her first semester of college, challenges in Brenda's life made it difficult for her to focus on her academics, and she seriously considered taking time off. As she was weighing the possibility, she knew that the KTC team would provide support and guidance, just as they had during high school. Her KTC college placement advisor, Marisa, sat down with her over dinner and shared tips and strategies, as well as some of her own struggles while in college.

Brenda persevered and is now a sophomore at Mount St. Mary's College, a private liberal arts school in Los Angeles. She says she still has occasional challenges that cause her to consider taking time off from college, but whenever that occurs, she calls her KTC advisors and “Marisa and Lonnie help me snap out of it,” she says.