Resources for Alumni & Parents

Our Services

High School Placement

The KIPP Through College (KTC) team is committed to assisting KIPP LA students and their families in identifying and applying to the college preparatory high schools that best fit each student's individual strengths and interests.

Academic Advising

In collaboration with each student’s family and high school advisor, KTC staff assists in monitoring and tracking the academic progress of alumni towards achieving a high school diploma and achieving college eligibility. 

College Match

We provide extensive support for alumni during the college application and financial aid process through various parent and student workshops, as well as individualized counseling.

College Success

KTC supports KIPP alumni at the university level by visiting students on their college campuses, providing guidance, and offering academic support. KTC also strives to prepare students for their future careers by encouraging internships, facilitating resume and interview workshops, and serving as career mentors.

Enrichment Programming

Our team assists KIPP LA alumni in building community, while ensuring that they are exposed to summer programs, work experience, and college preparation courses.