Paying for College

It is key to understand the different types of financial aid available and create a plan early. Contact your KTC advisor to get informed and begin the financial planning process today!

Important Financial Aid Definitions

Scholarships: A form of financial aid intended to bridge the gap between what a family can contribute and the actual cost of tuition. Scholarships are available based on merit,talent, skills or experiences and do not need to be repaid.

Grants: Similar to a scholarship, this is money that does not have to be repaid and is most often given out based on a student’s financial need.

Loans: Money that is borrowed and must be repaid to the lender, usually with interest.

Work-study: Provides funds for part-time employment to help students finance the costs of college.

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How KIPP Through College Can Help

As always, KIPP Through College (KTC) is here to support you with the financial aid process! These are some of the ways KTC can help you understand financial aid and help you get the most money for college:

  • Support you in completing financial aid applications such as the FAFSA, Dream Act, or CSS Profile applications each year;
  • Review your financial aid award to make sure you are getting the most money from your school each year;
  • Help you find and apply for scholarships and/or fellowships that can assist with easing the cost of college;
  • Read over and provide personalized feedback on scholarships essays;
  • KTC Tuition Scholarship is now open! Eligible 2 and 4-year college students and high school seniors who finished a KIPP middle school in Los Angeles can apply by downloading the paper application or applying online here. All applications are due by March 17th at 5pm.

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