KIPP Through College

KIPP LA students are on the path to college from day one.

KIPP Through College (KTC) is an integral component of our promise to help students climb the mountain to and through college. The mission of KTC is to empower our alumni to continue to use their KIPP-learned intellectual habits, knowledge, and character traits to attend and complete college as well as further their communities. KTC provides support to alumni in the following areas:

  • High School Placement Team: Assist students and families with identifying and applying to high schools.
  • College Match Team: Support students with the college application and enrollment process.
  • College Success Team: Advise college students and support them toward college graduation, internships, and careers.

KTC is part of the broader KIPP LA approach that helps to eliminate the opportunity gap between students from high and low-income communities. Our team members do whatever it takes to support students once they graduate from a KIPP middle school. KIPP LA's KTC programs are augmented by national initiatives and services that help to provide access to high school, college and career preparation resources across the national KIPP network.