Making the Most of Your High School Experience

Build Relationships

The first step to maximize your high school experience is to build a support team that will help keep you on track and engaged. In addition to your KIPP Through College Advisor, your support team includes your parents, family, counselors, teachers, community organizations and friends. These relationships will help you receive strong letters of recommendation for college and scholarships. KTC is also a resource to build your professional network. We will share information about these opportunities as they arise.

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Summer Programs

Summer programs are an essential part of enhancing your resume. These opportunities may have different focuses such as: academic, talent enrichment, music, athletics, college preparation or civic engagement, to name a few. You may also qualify for a KIPP Pre-College Summer Program Nomination, depending on your GPA. Please look out for our Summer Enrichment Guidebook available in late winter of every year.

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Get Involved

Did you know KIPP Through College can be listed as an extracurricular activity on your resume? KTC continuously finds ways to connect with alumni both socially and educationally. We aim to create opportunities for KIPP alumni to build community and reconnect throughout the year through social events, trips, team-building retreats and alumni recognition programs. Please reach out to your advisor for more information about specific events.

Outside of KTC, we encourage you get involved on your high school campus. This can be a student club, volunteer group, athletic team or anything else that interests you outside of your academic classes. These activities are great pathways toward leadership and learning how to work with different groups of people.

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