College Admission Planning

Know Your Numbers

GPA, ACT, SAT…Your numbers affect the type of school at which you can be a competitive candidate. It is important you research the average GPA and test scores of the students who typically get admitted to a school and how your numbers compare.

Helpful Resources

  • UC Doorways: Learn what classes fulfill the A-G requirements at your high school.
  • The ACT: ACT registration deadlines, test dates and prep questions.
  • The SAT: SAT registration deadlines, test dates and prep questions.
  • I Need a Pencil: Free test prep.

Build A Smart Wishlist

Your wishlist is your list of colleges to which you plan on applying. Developing a strong wishlist that includes at least 3 likely schools, 3 match schools and 3 reach schools is an important part of the application process. You should create a list based on your academic record as well as your personality. To find the best match you must also find out about a school’s graduation rates, culture, and support services.

Helpful Resources

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