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A major factor to landing your first job after graduation is experience. Many college students gain experience through internships.

What’s an internship?

An internship is a temporary paid or unpaid position that focuses on on-the-job training and developing experience rather than mere employment.

Key factors to consider when preparing for an internship:

Make a List

  1. Figure out what you like to do
  2. Jot down places of employment where you can gain experience

Do the Research

  1. Does the company provide internships?
  2. Are they paid or unpaid?


  1. Identify the job/career you're interested in
  2. Identify contacts (family, friends, professors, etc.)
  3. Start the conversation
  4. Follow up

Prepare Your Resume

  1. Collect all your relevant experience
  2. Write a first draft
  3. Have someone review and make corrections
  4. Save final draft and make copies

Secure Letters of Recommendation

  1. Decide who to ask
  2. Work with your recommender. The best letters come from those who have first hand knowledge of your work.
  3. Allow for plenty of time for request to be filled

How can KTC help?

As always, KTC is here to support you with your career exploration, development and preparation needs. Some ways advisors are available to support you include:

  • KTC Summer Opportunities Guidebook. This guidebook includes a number of internship, fellowship, and other summer program opportunities for students in college.
  • Providing one on one career advising sessions
  • Facilitate mock/practice interviews to help you gain confidence with your interview skills
  • Coordinate an annual Job Shadow Day and Mocktail Party
  • Support to help you compile an effective resume
  • Identifying career goals
  • Assist in the search and application to various internship opportunities

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