KIPP College Ambassadors & Connections

College Connections is a peer-to-peer support model that provides assistance with academic, social, financial and career readiness. Peers, encouraged and guided by local KTC staff, mentor, connect you to resources and provide social motivation to conquer many of the challenges students face.

Through connections to peers and resources, the ultimate outcome is for you to be able to make more informed choices about classes, majors, study habits, friends, social activities, jobs, career path and financial aid. Regardless of what college campus you attend, your KTC advisor can connect you to other KIPP alumni at the same institution.

College Ambassador Program

The KIPP College Ambassador Program is part of the College Connections effort to ensure students know and support one another. College Ambassadors have been selected at 34 schools across the country where there are a significant number of KIPP alumni (including some KIPP College Partner schools).

College Ambassadors:

  • Are KIPP alumni who are selected to serve on their campus to connect students to one another, and identify and coordinate resources to address student needs
  • Build a supportive cohort of KIPP students by identifying campus supports and fostering peer mentoring opportunities
  • Assist with preparing KIPP alumni for success in college and their careers

KIPP LA College Ambassador Campuses:

Cal State University, Los Angeles
Alumni Ambassador: Guadalupe Olivares

Cal State University, Northridge
Alumni Ambassador: Katherine Alvarez

Get Involved

Email us to connect to your College Ambassador or find the Ambassador at your campus.

To learn more about College Connections and the Ambassador Program, visit the College Connections page on the KIPP Foundation website. 

Introducing The "Statistics Can't Hold Us" Music Video

Written, directed, and co-produced by the 2013-14 College Ambassador Cohort