About KIPP Through College

At KIPP LA, our mission is to ensure student success through college graduation. While our current schools serve only the elementary and middle school grades, KIPP Through College continues to support students who complete the eighth grade at KIPP on their journey to remain on the path to and through college.

Our Mission & Goals

The mission of KIPP Through College is to empower KIPP LA alumni to continue to use their KIPP-learned intellectual habits, knowledge, and character traits in their current school and in life to attend and complete college as well as further their communities.

The fundamental goal of the KIPP Through College program is to ensure that more than 80 percent of KIPP LA alumni go on to college and lead choice-filled lives. 

How Kipp Through College Works

In addition to the rigorous academic preparation that KIPP LA offers, the KIPP Through College program offers a range of services to KIPP LA's alumni. 

In Middle School

The KIPP Through College program begins by assisting KIPP LA students and their families with the high school placement process. High School Placement advisors work closely with students and families to assist them during the high school application and admission process, with the aim of identifying the college preparatory high school that best fits each student's individual strengths and interests. View resources for middle school students and families.

In High School

The focus on college is even more intentional when KIPP LA alumni begin high school. While in high school, KIPP Through College provides support to alumni in the following areas: academic advising, standardized testing preparation, college tours, college admissions and application assistance, scholarship support, and financial literacy. View resources for high school students and families.

In College

KTC not only supports students on their journey to college, but also supports them while they work towards college graduation. KTC advisors visit students on their college campuses, as well as keep in touch via email and phone. Counselors discuss academic progress, financial aid, social pressures, and internship and career options. During holidays and breaks, KIPP hosts events for KIPPsters while they are back in their hometowns. View resources for college-aged students and families.