About KIPP Academy of Innovation

Our Vision

At KIPP Academy of Innovation, we believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence beyond college for all children. We believe that excellent schools and strong partnerships transform communities in preparation for the 21st century and beyond. We believe that by educating the whole child, our students are empowered to transform their lives, the communities they live in, and the world at large. We foster a genuine love of learning by creating a collaborative culture of inquiry and learning through discovery. By building confident critical thinkers ahead of their own time, our students are courageous leaders who unapologetically try new things, take risks, and stand for change in the face of adversity.

With rigorous literacy based instruction as the gateway to learning, interdisciplinary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curricula, a deep culture of character development, and a school-wide Robotics program and KIPPFit physical education program, our students are empowered as 21st century learners and leaders to innovate and compete in the global arena. 

Love. Curiosity. Grit. Excellence.

KIPP Academy of Innovation opened in August 2014 under the leadership of founding school leader Alice Lai, a graduate of the prestigious KIPP School Leadership Program. 

Be the Change. Innovate.

In English, the word innovation often means the introduction of something new or trying out a new idea or method. It is also however, a word that means much more than this. It also embodies the process of innovation in which innovators courageously take risks, consistently adjust based on data and feedback, and persist through challenges as they arise. Innovators who bravely think ahead of their times, constantly reflect and refine their ideas, and remain unafraid to be the change. Innovators who choose the road less traveled.

The KIPP Academy of Innovation stems from one belief and one question. We believe that all children have an unalienable right to determine their own destiny. At the center of this fundamental belief is the idea that all children deserve a high quality education that provides them with the freedom, knowledge, and courage to choose their path in college and beyond. At KIPP Academy of Innovation, our students are 21st century leaders who confidently think outside the box, bravely remain ahead of the curve, and solve the problems of the world that don’t yet exist.

KIPP Academy of Innovation also stems from one question – are we doing enough to prepare our students for the future? A recent report shows that 80% of all jobs in the next decade will require technology skills.  By 2020, jobs in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are predicted to grow by 10-23% compared to any other industry.  While minorities represent 34% of the American population between the ages of 18-24, the percentage of minorities in STEM fields however is slim with less than 12% of minority college students pursuing STEM degrees.  If we want our students to have better choices for their future, we have to start preparing them now. If we want our students to have the option to choose the road less traveled, we have to start preparing them sooner rather than later.

We are KIPP Academy of Innovation because we are a school where students are prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist, to use technologies that haven’t yet been invented, in order to solve the problems that don’t yet exist. We are in the business of preparing our students for a future that we don’t yet know.  So that our students can be the change of the future.

Main Office

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