Inspiring the Innovator

Students as Innovators

KIPP Iluminar Academy students will exit the school after fourth grade prepared and inspired to pursue their passion. During their time at KIPP Iluminar Academy, our students will have been given countless opportunities to research topics of choice and try new forms of expression, and with that experience these students will have grit and leave us inspired.

Our students will be curious and see the world as a place to be discovered, a place full of opportunities to learn. Our students will make socially intelligent decisions, because they will have had a wide range of life experiences. They will be creative and critical thinkers, and will pursue life filled with passion. They will approach projects with zest, unafraid of mistakes, because they will understand that true learning and discoveries come from trial and error. Students will take a tremendous amount of ownership over their own learning. If one asks our students about their goals, they can explain them because they own those goals and they can describe the path to realize them, which will inherently require them to develop their self-control.

Character Matters

Our students will also never compromise their character, because they will have know that just as they work to develop their minds through constant learning, they will learn that their character is not fixed and is constantly developed through their choices. They will seek ways to make themselves and the world better and in that search they will positively impact our collective community. As they grow into adults and college going students, and life brings its inevitable challenges, they will draw upon the lessons taught at KIPP Iluminar Academy.