Standards-Based Instruction Platforms

As part of the flexible independent work block of our Distance Learning Program, students can receive meaningful content-based instruction through instructional software programs that provide comprehensible input with real-time feedback. The programs are adaptive, which means that they modify the teaching based on your student’s performance, teaching and re-teaching to ensure concepts are reinforced as needed. Students should engage in both Math and English programs daily. Your child’s teacher will use the software platform’s dashboard to monitor your child’s progress and be able to provide personalized feedback during their weekly check-ins.

Start with Clever through Google Classroom

To gain access to the following platforms, start with Clever on a computer (Chromebook, Mac, PC, Desktop). Learn how to access Clever through Google Classroom. Clever works best with all browser versions released in 2013 and later. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for an optimized experience. View instructions on how to access your student's Clever portal.

Lexia - A Rosetta Stone Company


The Lexia English learning program is a personalized approach, where students work independently to develop reading and language skills through their own motivated learning paths. All students, regardless of skill level, work at their own pace and provide teachers with the resources they need to provide supplemental guidance and instruction.

iReady platform logo


The iReady Learning program is a personalized approach for both Math and English K-8 learners. iReady consists of both an adaptive and instructional approach to learning: adaptive in that the program adjusts questions to suit a students needs; instructional in that the program provides student’s lessons based on their individual skill levels and needs. Both allow our teachers to meet our kippsters exactly where they are during their weekly check-ins.

Freckle by Renaissance logo


Freckle Education is an online K-8 learning platform that provides differentiated instruction across English and Math. Students are engaged to work at their levels across both subjects and teachers are provided with the resources to evaluate and guide their students based on adaptive lessons.

ST Math program logo

ST Math®

ST Math is a visual online instructional program that seeks to build a conceptual understanding of math through adaptive learning and creative problem solving to engage and challenge our TK-8 students. ST Math provides access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving and informative feedback.