Google Classroom

Each school will be using Google Classroom to deliver core subject and elective based academic lessons: math, science, read-alouds, art, music, dance, and more.

You can find Google Classroom codes and additional resources for your school’s class lessons by clicking on your student's school name below.

IEP Student Lessons

Students with IEPs will have the same access to all resources as all students. Special Education teachers will be providing accessibility support, as well as differentiated lessons for our students with an IEP in their own Google Classrooms. Our Special Education teachers, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and counselors will be providing weekly check-ins and sessions, as appropriate based on each student’s individualized needs. Students with IEPs will receive information from their Special Education teacher and service providers regarding how to log into their individualized sessions.  

Amplify Science

Amplify Science is a highly engaging phenomena-based program that integrates the latest practices in science teaching and learning, as well as interactive digital tools and hands-on activities. All 5-8th graders will have science lessons three times per week through the Amplify platform on Google Classroom.

Virtual After-School Program

We are extending our Virtual After-School Program (ASP) to all KIPP SoCal students during this time! Our ASP team has created enrichment tutorials on Google Classroom, all of which are organized by grade level. Current tutorials available include football, dance, soccer, arts & crafts, science, cheer, yoga, and more!