Lynn Jacobson

Advisory Board of Teach for America, Los Angeles.

Lynn Jacobson received her BA in Broadcast Management from the USC School of Journalism. Ms. Jacobson began her career at WVOX-WRTN radio in New York. Moving to television, she joined the CBS television network and was relocated to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles she held the position of Associate Director, Movies for Television at CBS. Ms. Jacobson then became the VP of Television Development at Orion Television. Ms. Jacobson completed 13 years on the Board of Trustees of the Brentwood School; two as Vice Chair and two as Chair of the Board; Ms. Jacobson remains the longest serving Trustee in the history of Brentwood School. Ms. Jacobson previously served four years on the Grant Screening Board of the EveryChild Foundation, where she was a founding member. She has also served on the Advisory Board of the Mar Vista Family Center. Currently, Ms. Jacobson is the chair of the Advisory Board of Teach for America - Los Angeles. Ms. Jacobson is the chair of the Student Discipline Committee and serves on the Governance Committee.