Our Approach

KIPP LA Public Schools is a free public charter school network in greater Los Angeles. We focus on five pillars: Safe, structured, and nurturing environments, highly effective teachers and leaders, focus on character, high expectations, and KIPP Through College

A Belief in All Students

Our work at KIPP LA is built on the most basic of beliefs: that all students will learn and achieve at the highest levels. Meet our students.

College Graduation is the Goal

Grounded in this belief, teachers, leaders, and team members at KIPP LA are united around a shared goal: to prepare KIPP LA students to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond. Read about KIPP Through College.

Academics and Character

In order to truly prepare students for college, we must create classrooms and schools that not only deliver rigorous academics, but also help students develop the character traits necessary to succeed in college and life. Discover KIPP LA's approach to academics and character.

Excellent Leaders & Teachers

Outstanding schools are built, led, and sustained by empowered leaders. Supported by a great leader, excellent teachers help students develop the character, knowledge, habits of mind, and skills needed to be successful in college and beyond. Learn more about KIPP LA's teachers and leaders.

Culture of Innovation

In an innovative environment, leaders and teachers are empowered to make creative decisions. By measuring what matters and using real-time data to assess student achievement, teachers can maximize the impact of instructional technology on student growth. Read about innovation at KIPP LA.